One-to-one communication

We automatically send targeted messages to your customers using their unique interactions with your business.

Whenever you finish an appointment, send:

Mais fluidez na operação de seu negócio

Preconfigured Actions

Send messages based on customizable, pre-set actions, automatically.

Set your employees free

Allocate your staff in strategic roles that only a human can perform. Set your Squidboss to do the heavy lifting, easily.

Your business processes working for you.

Create unique experiences and nurture loyal customers, effortlessly.

Our users already automates:



Automatic interaction with segmented audiences, raising up to 100% in conversion rates.


Create in few minutes your own engagement strategy using a very easy and intuitive tool.
Notificações por SMS

SMS notification

Send fast and reliable SMS notifications to customers, patients, students.
Campanhas de E-mail

Email Notification

Send fast and reliable Email notifications and Email Marketing.